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Kit for DIY 21 barrier masks - Cotton color Aubergine - Tissushop
Kit for DIY 21 barrier masks - Cotton color Aubergine - Tissushop
Kit for DIY 21 barrier masks - Cotton color Aubergine - Tissushop

Kit for DIY 21 barrier masks - Cotton color Aubergine

This kit, developed according to AFNOR recommendations, will make it possible to manufacture 21 barrier masks with 2 layers or 14 masks with 3 layers with elastics for your family, friends, colleagues ... It is specially designed for domestic and non-medical use by healthy and asymptomatic people.
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This product is also available with the following colors:
Availability : In Stock
Shipping time : 24 to 48 hours

 Compatible for mask manufacture
Size20 x 20 cm
Weight125 gr/m²
Composition100% Cotton
Cleaning Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop
OriginDyed in France
What this KIT contains:
- 60 cm x 140 cm of plain color cotton - oekotex- 150 gr / m² (exepct white and lilas 125 gr/m²)
- 60 cm x 140 cm of plain poplin cotton in white or other colour at our convenience depending of our stock - oekotex - 115 gr / m²
- 9,5 meters of flexible round elastic of 3 mm in diameter, specially designed for brands.
- cutting pattern
- Instructions notice
This kit does not include sewing thread, needles and other sewing materials. The fabric is delivered not pre-cut to allow to adapt the size or to make other models of masks.

You will be able to make 21 masks of dimension 20 x 20 cm with 2 layers (one color side and one white side). or 14 masks with 3-layer We have provided 2 faces of different colors to facilitate the identification of meaning. (except white color)

How to make barrier masks:
We chose this type of barrier mask with ply because it is quick and easy to sew, even for people with little experience in sewing. It is intended for domestic and artisanal manufacturing as recommended by AFNOR with 2 or 3 layers of tight cotton fabrics. It consists of the assembly of 2 squares of cotton fabric of 20 cm, in a simple folding, fixed by a sew and the installation of elastic. 
We have found a video for explain the instructions clear and simple by Elsa Couture, you can watcht it here.

When to wear your mask and for how long:
The barrier mask makes it possible to constitute a possible penetration of the virus by the nose and the mouth of its user and to protect these areas of the face of his hands. It is a non-medical device that can be worn when you are in an area with other people: to make your trip to your workplace, to make purchases of first necessities authorized for example. We remind you that wearing a mask does not exempt you from applying the recommended barrier gestures. https://www.gouvernement.fr/sites/default/files/contenu/piece-jointe/2020/03/coronavirus_gestes_barierre_spf.pdf

 The wearing of the mask is limited to 4 hours or when it is humid, after this period its effectiveness is no longer optimal. You must wear another and wash the previous one.

How to wash and maintain the masks.
The mask, after being soiled or worn for more than 4 hours, must be washed at 60 ° C, always according to AFNOR recommendations. This is why we have provided a kit of 21 barrier masks, because you will have to perform frequent rotations. thus you will gain autonomy and will be able to group washes. Although the fabrics can be washed at 60 ° C, the intensive frequency of washes necessary for its use will prematurely degrade the fastness of the colors.

As the AFNOR document indicates, these folded barrier masks that you will manufacture have not been subject to conformity assessment by certified bodies or laboratories. The design and manufacturing according to the rules of the art, and their quality control remains the responsibility of the one who manufactures it.
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