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Washed linen fabric in 300 cm Peach - Tissushop
Washed linen fabric in 300 cm Peach - Tissushop
Washed linen fabric in 300 cm Peach - Tissushop

Washed linen fabric in 300 cm Peach

Beautiful linen fabric washed in large width that will be perfect for making your duvet covers or sheets. Fresh in summer and warm in winter, linen will provide you with thermo-regulation in all seasons. Woven from long fibers in a weaving from the north of France, this fabric will remind you of the sheets of your grandmothers. Natural and timeless, it will transform into very pretty curtains, or embellish your table!

Its weight of 190 gr / m² and its construction (45 yarns / cm²) will make it a very pleasant fabric to wear whether it is in dress, shirt, pants or jacket.
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Availability : In Stock
Shipping time : 24 to 48 hours
By meter
Roll 25m
10 X 10 cm approx.
Width300 cm
Weight190 gr/m²
Composition100% Linen
Cleaning Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop Maintenance - Tissushop
Maximum cut lenght25m
UseDress / Skirt / Pants, Top / Shirt, Bed Sheet, Tablecloth, Curtain / Veiling, Cushion, Seat / Armchair / Sofa, Decoration, Accessories
CategoriesWashed linen, Red linen, White linen fabric, Blue linen fabric, Linen fabric by meter, Linen Fabric, Roll of linen fabric, Beige linen fabric
Our linen fabrics are dyed in accordance with the environmental standards and rules in force in the dyers of the North of France.
Linen being a hard and dry fiber, after dyeing it is necessary to blend the fiber to soften the fabric and make it soft to the touch.
This is done by the combined action of spraying water vapor and the mechanical action of spraying the fabric onto the walls of a machine.

The Washed Linen will however only take its final form (which is also the most beautiful) after a first household wash at 60 ° C and a tumble dryer. Indeed, this last operation will tighten the fabric and give it flexibility and swelling that no industrial machine is able to make on a fabric of this width!

So, do not hesitate to wash and tumble dry your made-up sheets, they will improve with the washings. This is why it is called Washed Linen!
Made from a natural fibre, this article is susceptible to shrinkage in the first wash.
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