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Are you looking for a natural fabric for making decorative accessories or other types of compositions? Burlap is the material you need. Made from plants, this fabric is one of the most eco-friendly options. Whether you choose its natural tone or a colored burlap, you'll enjoy a healthy product at an advantageous price. Don't wait any longer to find your happiness among our collection of burlap fabrics!

What is burlap fabric?

Burlap is a natural fabric made from plant fibers. Its strength and durability make it the ideal material for various uses. From making bags to upholstery fabrics and other decorative elements, burlap can be used in many applications. It can also be useful in the garden, especially for protecting plant roots or creating a pathway.
Originally, burlap was primarily associated with the production of potato or coffee sacks, which is why it had a poor reputation for many years. It took the emergence of environmental concerns for burlap to regain popularity. Its natural origin and cultivation make it a significant ally for the planet.

How to choose burlap fabric?

The choice of burlap fabric depends on your intended use. Depending on your project, you may need high resistance to abrasion and excellent resistance to friction to ensure the fabric's longevity.
For upholstery, making decorative accessories, and creating textile elements, you should choose from suitable burlap fabrics. Consider the different formats of burlap as well. It's available in rolls or by the meter, in various weights and widths. You can choose it in its natural tone or opt for a colored or printed version.

Also, don't forget the numerous products made from burlap that you can find in our shop. These can be a great alternative if you're not inclined to make your own

Different formats of burlap fabric

In our shop, you have the option to order burlap fabric in various formats. Your specific needs will guide your choice, whether you prefer burlap on a roll or by the meter. Buying samples is also possible, but they are only useful for helping you decide.
If you choose burlap on a roll, you probably need a large quantity of fabric, allowing you to adjust the number of meters you require, be it 10, 20, 25, or 50 meters, depending on your project. On the other hand, if you opt for burlap by the meter, your needs are likely less extensive, so you purchase only what you need for your project.

Colored or printed burlap

Apart from the format, the color of your burlap fabric also matters. You can select a natural tone or choose the color you prefer from a variety of colored burlap options in our shop. From white-dyed burlap for wedding decor to orange burlap for summer accessories, the possibilities are endless.
For more ambitious projects, choosing printed burlap fabric is a wise decision. Whether for interior decoration, such as tablecloths or upholstery, you have numerous design options, from vintage patterns to floral or star-themed prints. Let yourself be charmed by our collection.

Our products made from burlap

On tissushop.fr, you can choose from a wide range of burlap fabrics. But that's not all! Our shop also offers products made from this fabric, including bags. If you dream of a small shopping bag made from natural fabric, take a look at our collection of burlap bags.

Similarly, during the holiday season, opt for a jute Christmas bag! This product will be perfect for your decoration, placed under the Christmas tree, giving your interior a touch of Santa's home. For your gifts, don't forget to choose our small burlap bags instead of traditional wrapping paper for a more eco-friendly consumption. Christmas is even more beautiful when you care for the planet!
Why buy your burlap fabric on tissushop.fr?

When you place your burlap fabric order on tissushop.fr, you can be sure to benefit from a substantial stock of fabrics. Our website offers the largest selection of burlap fabrics available online. We carefully select our suppliers to provide you with quality products. Our expertise as burlap specialists is at your service to offer you the best products at very advantageous prices. Moreover, you can rest assured about secure payment through our payment system.
For any order placed on our shop, you can enjoy fast shipping within 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, free delivery is available for purchases over 69 euros. For any additional questions or issues related to your burlap fabric order, our customer service is available at 03 66 72 89 34.

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